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Mamma Mia! : Movie Review

For the young people out there (ehem! like us?!?!), Mamma Mia! is not a movie musical but is actually based on a musical play of the same name. What is more astounding is that all songs used in this play are songs from ABBA. From the title itself, "Mamma Mia" to the hit songs "Dancing Queen". Will Mamma Mia! make you shout "Mamma Mia!" in disgust or would it make you dance and sing like the characters in the film (hopefully unlike Mr. 007 himself)?

The film starts off (and actually happens and ends) in a small Greek island. Sophie, the only daughter of her mom, complicates things when she sends three invitational letters to her three possible fathers. Her mom by some unfathomable reason had done love with three men for a very, very short span of time (Wow! ahaha) that it was next to impossible without DNA testing to finding Sophie's father out. The story tackles lost love, lost dreams and just about anything else in life.

The movie was really well made and well paced. The characters, each and everyone of them, were very, very good. The film's smiles and laughter, cheers and joys, jokes and puns really made this a unique film. This one was serious but also funny; honestly which we do not see in a lot of films anymore. No doubt, anyone or everyone would enjoy this film from start to finish.

Rating : 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- this film will make laugh and feel jolly! what more can you ask for (just make sure not to sing or dance while watching. please be mindful of the person sitting beside you :p)?

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- um...if you really hate musicals.
- if you fear hearing ear-Pierce-ing Brosnan sing.
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