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Righteous Kill: Movie Review

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together in one movie; this is definitely a must see for us. Because you will be getting two big stars for the price of one, we expected the movie to at least be at par with the successes of quite a lot of De Niro and Pacino blockbuster movies but as it turns out, that like its title, the whole movie was predictable from the start to finish. We’ve seen a lot of police drama like this and this one doesn’t stand out at all.

Two veteran New York detectives are out on a mission to try to find a serial killer who’s been leaving poems beside the people he murders. The poems would describe how the murdered man deserved to die because the world would be better off without him (hence, the title). Because the serial killer seemed to be well informed on the lives, the offenses and the crimes of the murdered people, it led them to thinking that the killer could be part of the police force.

We’re sure that people who love police drama, “guess who the killer is?” type of movie would enjoy this one. But it just didn’t have much impact for us. It was totally predictable and ultimately it made a sin when it comes to mystery thrillers, it actually tricked and mislead its viewers intentionally and blatantly. Nothing screams cheap and poor writing when a thriller is misleading its viewers as obvious as this one did. SPOILER ALERT: Right from the start, the movie showed a video of De Niro admitting that he is guilty of all 14 murders. That’s when the movie starts to get really predictable. You’ll immediately get the hunch that he is indeed not the killer. SPOILER ALERT ENDS HERE. Everything about the movie is just okay: the story, the script, the twist are all just okay. We expected better material for these two actors. We’ve seen a couple more CSI episodes that had better twists that this! Righteous kill is not a righteous choice for us.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- Simply because it stars De Niro and Al Pacino

- If you like guessing all throughout the movie who the possible killer is

Why you should not watch it:

- Some CSI episodes gave better, more shocking twists than this one

- It could get really boring

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