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Little Boy/Big Boy: Movie Review

It would be surprising when a movie labeled as an “indie film” is not actually gay-themed and "Little Boy/Big Boy" is no exception to this label. In fact, its director has already produced three previous films which have similar themes namely "Kambyo", "Ang Lihim ni Antonio" and "Ang Lalake sa Parola". Another thing that is controversial right now is how these indie films have very liberal sexual themes. To quote one friend of ours, "Is indie the new name for movies we labeled as porn films a few years ago?" We do not know if this is actually the trend of indie films but we’d like to think that if these liberal scenes actually help the story’s development, then go ahead and put them! But if it does not make the experience of watching the film any better, then why would there be a need to showcase these? Can Director Jay Altarejos impress us as first time viewers? Can "Little Boy/Big Boy be more than your typical gay indie film?

Raymund, a graphic artist is doing his usual day to day activities when he was suddenly tasked to take care of his seven year old nephew, Zach, for the next two weeks. In the middle of those two weeks, Raymund suddenly finds himself in a relationship like nothing else he has been in, with another guy named Tim. Tim teaches him the value of acceptance, self-respect and loyalty. Can Raymund take care of Zach while maintaining his lifestyle and can this budding relationship with Tim actually work?

To our surprise, the film still delved to be the typical indie film. We expected a lot of different things and sadly, we feel that nothing much has changed. A lot of scenes, especially the sexual ones, felt that they were added just for the sake that they become controversial - deviant maybe. If you ask us, those scenes did not make much an impact on the film and without them this could have been made available to a wider variety of audiences - young and old. What we like about the film though is how it portrays homosexual love and the theme of family. It shows that, "Hey, homosexuals can be parents too!" Also, the film never feels complicated and it actually borders to being very simple and straightforward. Most of the time, we would say that this is bad but it actually works in this movie, making it very meaningful and compelling. Sadly, most of the public would probably remember the very "open" scenes rather than the relationship of two men and a boy living as a cohesive family. If you are going to watch "Little Boy/Big Boy", be mindful that it would require an open heart and more importantly an open mind. With this, maybe it could even be a wondrous gem that could actually change lives and change perspectives.

Catch "Little Boy/Big Boy" in theaters starting august 5, 2009. Thanks to Viva Films for bringing this film to the mainstream audience.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- portrays homosexual relationship in a very positive light
- simple story yet very meaningful and compelling

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- some scenes feel like they could have been left out or cut and the film would have been the same
- one of the actors had trouble speaking in English so why force him to speak in English?
- if "Brokeback Mountain" made you quiver, then you ain't seen nothing yet

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