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In Your Eyes: Movie Review

"In Your Eyes" is a romance-drama film that tries to be different because it has guts to ploy a plot that is different from your typical Filipino love story. The film's basic premise, in our honest opinion, already borders controversial and we are definitely interested in how they will pull this off. Up at bat are the actresses Claudine Barretto who has seen better days on the big screen and Anne Curtis who has had a knack for annoying us every time we watch her. GMA Films has a lot to show since they have been providing lackluster films ever since the Nineties ended. Can they finally pull this off?

Ciara (Claudine Barretto) and Julia (Anne Curtis) lost their mom when Julia was born. Since then, Ciara has been the mother figure for her sister Julia. When their father died too, both sisters vowed that they will strive for a better life in the States. Ciara, as usual, takes responsibility to fulfill that dream and has been working in the States for seven years already. The time has come for Julia to follow suit but before she goes to America, she meets Storm (Richard Gutierrez) and falls in love with him. Storm decides to follow Julia but after a while, he realizes that being an illegal alien in US is difficult, so he decides to go back home. Julia decides that a fixed marriage between her sister and Storm is the best way to have him stay as this will give him a working visa after eight months. The unfortunate happens when both Storm and Ciara fall for each other. Will Julia ever know the truth and will they ever fix this complicated love triangle?

"In Your Eyes" had us confused. On one hand, we do think it was a competent effort for a drama film which actually brings something new into the table. On the other hand though, we felt it was a frustrating experience of being completely wiped out by weirdness on key scenes. We even wonder if they actually did that on purpose, putting off-key elements that completely destroyed the film's effectiveness. If you were looking for drama, then we can definitely say this is a film that brings it. Much props to Claudine Barretto and Anne Curtis as they definitely steered the film's tempo and feel - the former showing her old form and the latter proving that she has evolved to a better actress through the years. Much can be said for Richard Gutierrez though - what's up with the grunting man? In summary, this is not a bad attempt for a drama film. We just felt it needed more polish on key elements which could have catapulted this to greatness.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- brings the drama on
- Claudine Barretto and Anne Curtis brought their A-game

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the unusual quirkiness of the film in key elements put us off several times

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