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No Other Woman: Movie Review

"No Other Woman" has two clashing styles. Those styles are an allusion to the two female personas in the movie. One side is the perfect housewife. A person who is serious, settled and straightforward. The other character is carefree, happy-go-lucky and fun to be with. Surprisingly, these two styles, that at first may sound awkward being mixed together in an adult/drama/romance film, actually makes the film work. The film will play with all of your emotions - yes, it will even make you inadvertently laugh a lot of times and it is this effect that makes it a dramatic yet fun experience.

Ram (Derek Ramsay) seems to have the perfect life. His furniture business just received interest from a big client and he is very happy living the married life with his wife Sharmaine (Cristine Reyes). During one of his site visits on the client's resort, he meets Cara (Anne Curtis), a young woman who has shown extra interest on Ram. Ram bumps into Cara again at his client's office and finds out that Cara is actually the daughter of his client. Cara tempts Ram into having an affair without feelings and Ram eventually gives in. The affair is soon discovered by Sharmaine and she decides that she needs to fight for her husband's love.

"No Other Woman" is almost a perfect movie. It's a movie that at times you will take seriously and at times you won't. It's this interplay between dramatic scenes and scenes that feel like they came from the 90's drama films of yore (non-stop one-liners and retorts) that make the movie really fun and interesting. The acting as expected was average. Derek Ramsay was just monotonous and one-sided and really struggled in his drama scenes. Cristine Reyes on the other hand was weak as the timid wife. Things became a lot better for her when she decides to "fight" for her husband. As you can deduce, Anne Curtis was the best of the bunch. She was perfect as Cara, the classy young heiress and even better as the mistress. The story is typical and predictable and it forgets to close all conflicts (Ram's issues with his playboy father). The movie also fails to make an impact with its clich├ęd and botched ending (Ram should have fixed his relationship with his father and get advice rather than get into an automobile accident to settle his issues with Sharmaine and Cara). "No Other Woman" should have been better if it decided to be more daring with its plot. It's another film that decides to take the weary road of a mainstream drama film with theme songs blaring and scenes that feel like they were ripped out of a telenovela show and yet it's a film that has its own character and that alone makes it a worthy watch.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the movie has its own character with classic one-liners reminiscent of 90's drama films
- the cinematography was top notch and one of the best we have seen all year

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story fails to develop some conflicts presented during the movie
- the ending was botched and should have been completely re-written

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