FXGuru - Movie FX Director App is Certified Awesome

Jed Chua | 1/18/2013 10:35:00 AM | 0 dared to walk the red carpet

Ever wanted to do your own sci-fi film but lack the technical know-how to put in those awesome effects you see from Hollywood films? Well, if you have an Android device at hand, you can easily create your own mind-blowing videos right at your fingertips. "FXGuru - Movie FX Director" had us completely blown away on how easy it was to use and how professional its effects were considering it's a mobile app. Just choose any video from your device, choose the effect desired and choose its placement on the video, wait a few seconds for processing and BAM! Awesome video that you can share with your friends. Effects included for free are: satellite crash, UFO landing and TNT barrel explosion. You can also add more but it comes with a premium price of $8.99 for the mega pack.

Google Play Link: FXGuru

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