Big news as 20th Century Fox has just released the teaser trailer and poster for its upcoming Marvel superhero film, “Fantastic Four”. “Fantastic Four” stars Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm aka the Torch, Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm aka The Thing along with Toby Kebbel as the legendary villain Dr. Doom.
In this contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

"Fantastic Four" is slated to open August 6, 2015 in the Philippines.

Warner Bros. Pictures has just launched the latest trailer of the Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart comedy “Get Hard”>. The movie also stars Will Ferrell as James King, a hedge fund manager caught for fraud, and bound for prison and Kevin Hart as Darnell Lewis as James' "mentor" on how to survive prison. Rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris, Alison Brie, and Craig T. Nelson round out the cast. In the film, when millionaire hedge fund manager James King (Will Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for a stretch in prison, the judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Desperate, he turns to Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) to prep him for a life behind bars. But despite James’ one-percenter assumptions, Darnell is a hard-working small business owner who has never received a parking ticket, let alone been to prison. Together, the two men do whatever it takes for James to “get hard” and, in the process, discover how wrong they were about a lot of things – including each other.

A Warner Bros. Pictures presentation of a Gary Sanchez Production, “Get Hard” will open across the Philippines in April 22, 2015 and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

“Vice” will keep the audience on their toes and on the edge of their seats as Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane bring us to a dystopian future where wealthy clients can live out their wildest and sometimes most violent fantasies. In the film, an artificially engineered woman escapes a hedonistic resort created by Julian Michaels (Bruce Willis) and seeks vengeance on those that imprisoned her. Kelly (Ambyr Childers), a resort ‘Resident,’ is having her memory re-installed after a rough night with a client but there is a glitch and flashbacks of where she came from help her make a daring escape. When Roy Tedeschi (Thomas Jane), a gruff, gum-shoe detective gets word that an Artificial is on the loose, it’s a race against time to track her down and stop the aberrant behaviors in Vice from becoming the natural order of things.

“Julian Michaels' corporation has built Vice, a resort for the wealthy where they can do anything that you could possibly imagine, even murder, rape, or kill because the permanent Residents are artificial, cloned from human DNA and built on endoskeletons,” begins director Brian A. Miller. It took us a couple of days to truly discover the character together and then play off that," explained Miller of his work with Childers. “So when Kelly starts growing you see the evolution of that character, she is learning bit-by-bit. It’s so interesting to have such a talented young actress that as you pull the string it takes you from one scene to the next. You’re growing with her, learning as she’s evolving all the way throughout the process. Ambyr just knocked it out of the park!”

"I play Kelly, an Artificial or an android living every day in a continuous loop," explains Ambyr Childers. "Myself and all the other androids are reset every 24 hours. Every night when we go to bed, a bracelet activates so we cannot remember but the humans can so they easily recognize the androids. Kelly has a few glitches in her system and she breaks away and ends up wanting to take down Vice.”

Evan (Bryan Greenberg) was a top bio-mechanical engineer at a robotics firm bought out a decade ago by Julian. "I helped engineer the Artificials and my intentions were good, but Julian exploited the Artificials for the wrong reasons," explains Bryan Greenberg whose character Evan feels guilty for what Kelly has become. "It's a very complicated relationship between Evan and Kelly because he created her in the image of his dying wife. He's very conflicted because when he looks at her he sees his wife but he knows it’s not her. She can be so much more than just a Vice pleasure-bot and he wants to help her. Ambyr is solid and really carries this film," continues Greenberg, of his screen partner’s moving performance. "I remember the first scene we did and she just had tears coming down her eyes and I thought, 'Wow you got it! This is going to be good!’ I loved working with her and I think the audience is going to love watching her.”
“Vice” opens January 28 in cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films.

Much as its title might imply, "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" is very, very far off from your typical guns ablazing superhero movie. In fact, it's the brilliant anti-thesis of one and much more than that. "Birdman" is a technical marvel both in its extremely rare cinematographic style and in its in-your-face, super-realistic approach that not only maligns common Hollywood themes but deluges itself into the extremely crazy psyche of a struggling has-been actor.

Washed up actor Riggan Thomson, (Michael Keaton)in the prime of his career, refused an offer to play and reprise his role for a fourth time as Birdman in the highly successful movie franchise of the same name. Thinking that his character, Birdman, has taken over his life and acting career, he tries to reinvent himself by writing and directing a stage play that would push him further as an actor - a task easier said than done. As he gambles everything in the hopes of a successful Broadway debut, Riggan finds himself pushing himself nearer and nearer into the brink of self destruction.

"Birdman" has a lot of elements going for it. On one hand, it criticizes how Hollywood films have destroyed culture and art. It also talks about our current age of social media on how fame is defined by the trending of tweets and hash tags. Let's not forget how it tackles not only the psyche of its main character Riggan but also the numerous people that surround him. Even with those barraging the audience all at the same time, the film is able to make a magical juggling act to balance everything out and in the end, a very strong point on what defines film, art, love and life. Let's be frank though, "Birdman" will disappoint some. It's manic feel may frustrate to those used to non-stop barrages of hollow violence and explosions but this is the kind of film that you need to give ample attention to truly appreciate. Stellar acting, outstanding technical cinematography, gripping story, and a beating, soulful soundtrack make sure that "Birdman" is probably one of the best films to be released in 2015 - and it's just January for crying out loud.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- stellar acting, outstanding technical cinematography, gripping story, and a beating, soulful soundtrack

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- none that we can think off really

Young actors Jonny Weston and Sofia Black-D’Elia (TV's “Gossip Girl”) talk about time-travel, the found-footage genre and more on Paramount Pictures' new sci-fi thriller “Project Almanac”. Weston leads the cast of “Project Almanac” as David, a smart kid with a very bright future who manages to build a working time machine with his friends, but he’s not particularly confident when it comes to striking up a simple conversation with his crush, Sofia Black-D’Elia’s Jessie.

Question: Tell us about the first time you read the script. Did your roles stick out to you and what did you think of the blend of time travel and found footage?
Weston: I don’t think found footage has been nearly kind of gotten into quite yet. It’s an entirely new style of filming and everything like that is new so it was a challenge. I knew it was a challenge ahead of time and it was exciting to look into. And then [producer] Michael Bay, obviously, has been putting out amazing work, so … [Laughs]
Black-D'Elia: [Laughs] He’s been pretty good lately, I guess. I first read the script and I thought it was so cool to have this time travel idea and make it also feel super real because I think that’s really appealing like with “Chronicle” and films like that, when you feel like it’s really happening to teenagers and I think that’s why I really was attracted to the script. The dialogue felt like it was really happening and even though these crazy circumstances were put upon the kids, they still reacted the way that a teenager would actually react in that situation and I didn’t think it was overdone or anything. And I think that found footage kind of lends to that, so it feels like this really realistic kind of documentary-style thing, these kids can build a time machine and what happens next.
Weston: It really seems like what kids would do with a time machine if they got it. It was written honestly and not for slap-me comedy or anything. It has some deep moments. It’s really well done I think.

Q: Who are your characters beyond the time travel element? Who are they as people?
Weston: My character is David and his father passed away when he was young and left him kind of something behind. Essentially, I’m this kid with a couple of really close friends. Not necessarily popular, you know? And then I meet her and, I don’t want to give too much away, but we all end up getting involved with each other. So, yeah, my character’s kind of nerdy, kind of a smart kid and that’s the best I can do.
Black-D'Elia: My character is Jessie and I think at first she seems kind of like your typical popular girl, but she’s pretty badass in my opinion and I think she’s kind of the catalyst for a lot of things because being that they’re smarter and not that popular and all of that, I think that they may be a little bit tepid and afraid to get started with everything, and I think my character is kind of bored with where she’s at in school and life, really.
Weston: She definitely serves as an inspiration like the way that she comes in and brings the passion that we all kind of – not that we lack, but she brings kind of a level of balls. I don’t know.
Black-D'Elia: [Jokes] That’s really eloquent! Beautiful, yeah. Really beautiful and poetic.

Q: I haven’t heard anything about your mom in the story. A lot about your dad, but is your mom around? Is she part of the story?
Yeah, basically, my dad passed away so she raised me. Amy [Landecker], the actress, she’s actually beautiful. We shot some stuff together already and she is a large element to the story, even when she’s not on screen in terms of like, the way my character is and what his goals are in life and everything has a lot to do with her.

In “Project Almanac,” a brilliant high school student and his friends uncover blueprints for a mysterious device with limitless potential, inadvertently putting lives in danger. Opening across the Philippines on Feb. 04, 2015, “Project Almanac” is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

For the second consecutive year, Warner Bros. Pictures International has exceeded the coveted $3 billion mark at the international box office. This benchmark comes on the heels of the release of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” a production of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, which has surpassed $400 million at the international box office. In the Philippines, Warner's over-all box-office gross for 2014 is a resounding PhP1.16-billion, according to Francis Soliven, General Manager of Warner Bros. Philippines.

For the new year, Warner will roll-out another batch of potential blockbusters led by “Jupiter Ascending” (Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis), “In the Heart of the Sea” (Chris Hemsworth), “Mad Max: Fury Road” (Tom Hardy, Charlieze Theron), “San Andreas” (Dwayne Johnson), “Pan” (Hugh Jackman) and “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” (Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer).

“American Sniper” (Bradley Cooper) headlines the studio's dramatic and thriller offerings for 2015, followed by “Focus” (Will Smith), “Magic Mike XXL” (Channing Tatum), “Black Mass” (Johnny Depp), “Midnight Special” (Joel Edgerton), “Run All Night” (Liam Neeson) and the horror suspense “The Gallows.”

The comedy genre in Warner's 2015 slate is reprented by “Get Hard” (Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart), “Don't Mess with Texas” (Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara), “Entourage” (Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven), “The Intern” (Anne Hathaway, Robert De Niro), “Vacation” (Ed Helms, Chris Hemsworth) and “Arms & the Dudes” (Jonah Hill, Miles Teller).