Reel Advice Movie Reviews is now accepting advertisements for 125x125-sized, Text Link, Header and Footer advertisements

Perk and Advantages in using our blog is:
a. Guaranteed at least 12,000++ Pageviews a month.
b. Alexa Rank is 290,000++ for the past three months.
c. Google Pagerank 4/10.
d. At least two movie reviews per week.
e. 125x125 Ad Boxes are clearly seen on top of the page on any post.
f. Text links will be featured on the "Our Friends" page and the Side Bar.
g. Our blog has been running for more than a year and a half and still going strong and growing.
h. First-come, first serve basis and you have the ability to choose which box your advertisement will be shown (as long as ad placements are available).

The following should be done before any advertisement will be placed:
a. Contact us through our email at
b. For 125x125, header and footer ads, please include an image file of your ad and the link address.
c. For text links, give us the desired title and the link address.
d. Willing to give discounts for longer purchases beyond 2 months (depends on how long).
e. Payment will be done through our Paypal Account. Details of these account will be given privately.
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