Abigail (2024): Movie Review

Abigail (2024) Movie Review: Bloody Good Time

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"Abigail" is a surprising gem that defies expectations, delivering an experience that punches above its weight. While it may not reinvent the wheel, the film understands its audience and fully embraces the absurdity of its premise, resulting in a delightfully entertaining ride especially when the chaos begins in its second half.

The story follows a team of six experts recruited for a high-stakes kidnapping job worth $50 million. Their target: the daughter of a reclusive criminal kingpin. However, once inside an isolated mansion where they keep their victim Abigail (Alisha Weir), they realize they're trapped with something far more sinister than a normal little girl.

"Abigail" for us is a tale of two halves. The film's first half felt like a wasteful experience as it struggles to establish strong character dynamics, with most of the cast feeling like expendable pawns rather than fleshed-out individuals. We knew what they were gunning for here but the characters just felt unrelatable at best. However, any initial reservations are quickly overshadowed by the film's second half, which delivers on both thrills, chills, and gore. Alisha Weir shines as Abigail, delivering a performance that is equal parts captivating and unnerving. The kills are gruesome and satisfying, and while some plot twists may be telegraphed, they still managed to not deter the whole experience. "Abigail" proves that a film doesn't have to take itself too seriously and its a competent modern-day revival of a classic monster tale. While it may stumble at times, its infectious energy and commitment to entertaining its audience make it an extremely fun experience.  

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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