Silip Sa Apoy: Movie Review

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With "Silip Sa Apoy", there is a sense of balance between its mature content and its narrative. For the first time in a long while, a sexy film from VivaMax have authentic points to make and the film doesn't revolve around on senseless sex alone. And while the film still had a tendency to "overdo" it to the detrement of its writing quality, there's at least something inside here that regular viewers can look forward to.
Emma (Angeli Khang) is a former prostitute who settles on an abusive relationship with the justification that it provides her income without the need to go to bed with multitudes of men. But things change when she meets her neighbor (Paolo Gumabao) who she begins a sensual affair with. As Emma's husband (Sid Lucero) starts to have doubts on her honesty. Emma plots her escape with her new lover.
At this point, to not expect any sex on VivaMax releases would be futile. But as we have said before, having sex on film shouldn't be an issue when the actual film itself doesn't force its story and its characters to revolve around the sex scenes purely. "Silip Sa Apoy", while not the perfect example to this train of thought, is a good one. First, the film wasn't haphazardly and stupidly written. There's a story here that had real surprises and twists, and tangible lessons to make its audiences gasp. But if we're being honest, it was basic and barebones but at least it sort of made sense and believable most of the way. Second, it had awesome acting from its cast. This was the film that made us see how vastly better Angeli Khang is to her peers at Viva. She not only bared it but dramatically gave it her all. Sid Lucero and Paolo Gumabao were equally impressive as the two lovers tugging at Angeli Khang's heart with Lucero topping everyone else with a performance that will make you hate him as an abusive drunk husband. Unfortunately, the film still had to give in to its sexual requirements from the top and some of the sex scenes were senseless (like the scene that featured Jela Cuenca) and too long. Overall though, "Silip Sa Apoy" wasn't as bad as we expected it to be and that's a huge achievement in itself. VivaMax should definitely take notes and improve further on how to tell its mature-themed offerings with real writing and acting.
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- superb acting from its three leads
- at least this had a point to its story

Why you should watch it:
- still had too much sexy content to the detriment of its character and narrative development