Uptown Tempur Cinema: A One of a Kind Cinematic Experience

We've frequented a variety of cinemas over the years, from those lacking reserved seating during our childhood in the early 1990s to ones with couple seats and recently with modern recliners. However, when we had the opportunity to experience the country's first-ever bed cinema, we were naturally intrigued. Would we succumb to the urge to doze off, or could this potentially alter our movie-watching habits? Here's our firsthand account of watching the epic "Dune: Part Two" at the Uptown Tempur Cinema in BGC.

Firstly, we were thoroughly impressed by the construction of the beds. These were no ordinary beds; they featured Tempur mattresses, a globally renowned brand for memory foam mattresses. Settling into the bed felt akin to sinking into the plush comfort of a hotel mattress if we could best describe it. What truly surprised us, though, was the beds' adjustability. Equipped with a remote control, each bed had two adjustment points - one for the head and another for the legs - allowing viewers to find their ideal position for their personal movie viewing experience. Additionally, each bed came with a set of pillows and blankets, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the screening. Moreover, as part of the premium experience, a "Call" button was provided to summon a butler, along with a USB charging port to keep devices powered up.

Beyond the beds, the theater itself was actually well-equipped. The screen size easily accommodated the 28 beds, and each bed was strategically positioned to provide unobstructed views from any angle. Furthermore, the theater boasted Dolby Atmos sound technology, a stark contrast from our previous viewing of "Dune: Part Two." Given the importance of sound in creating the film's atmosphere, we were delighted to experience it once again with one of the industry's top-notch sound system.

Admittedly, our screening was scheduled early dinner time, and having traveled from Quezon City, we hadn't had the chance for a proper meal. Fortunately, each bed came with two sets of sandwiches and drinks (water and a soft drink), which kept hunger at bay during the film's nearly three-hour runtime. However, we recommend eating beforehand, as the sandwiches may not suffice for those with hearty appetites.

With its premiere ambiance, attentive service from the butler staff, and state-of-the-art equipment, our concerns about nodding off were quickly dispelled. Coupled with the unforgettable experience of "Dune: Part Two" (even better upon a second viewing), we found ourselves thoroughly enjoying this unique cinematic adventure. 

For those intrigued by the Uptown Tempur Cinema, it's conveniently located at the 3F Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Each bed costs P2,000.00 (equivalent to P1,000.00 per head for two people), and reservations can be made online via the official Megaworld Cinemas website.
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