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Kimmy Dora (Kambal sa Kiyeme): Movie Review

Filipinos are known for their happy demeanor and wonderful smiles but with what is happening with our local mainstream film industry, moving our facial muscles upwards seems to have become more and more of a struggle. Can anyone remember the last time a local comedy film made you laugh out loud? We would mention Ai-Ai de las Alas in “Ang Tanging Ina” but that movie was 6 years ago. But even with all the negativity, we can never deny that there always is a rare masterpiece out of all the junk and looking at how over-the-top "Kimmy Dora (Kambal sa Kiyeme)" was on trailer, this might be the one local film everyone should see this year. Eugene Domingo, the always brilliant side kick in several movies also debuts as the lead star in this one, making this more exciting to see. Continue reading to find out our take of the movie.

Kimmy and Dora (both Eugene Domingo) are identical twins but are as different as night and day. Kimmy is the smart, dictatorial type while Dora is the slow, dumb-wit sister. Kimmy has always been jealous of her sister as Johnson (Dingdong Dantes), the man she really likes, only has eyes for Dora. All hell breaks loose when their father(Ariel Ureta) gets a heart attack and makes Dora the majority owner of their family business if in case he dies. Kimmy thinks this is unfair and gets the help of their lawyer Harry (Baron Geisler) to take care of "business". A misunderstanding brings forth a plan to kill Dora but they kidnap Kimmy instead. Now Kimmy must find a way to get away from her captors while Dora must act as her tough sister and control their corporation in order to hide from their father the truth.

So did "Kimmy Dora" disappoint? The answer is a big fat NO. In fact, not only is this the best local comedy film we have seen this year (or in years!) but we can even proudly say that we enjoyed this even better than some Hollywood hits out there. Eugene Domingo just went way up on our actors-to-watch list. She just brings her A-game here and really salvages the whole movie with her own performance. She does a wonderful job switching from one personality to another (Kimmy to Dora and Dora to Kimmy) and she makes it look so easy. Pure talent indeed! Heck, she is even better than the actresses who she played sidekick for in movies before this. Who cares if the story might be too shallow and who cares for other movie technicalities if you are having so much fun! So what are you waiting for? Support the local film industry by watching "Kimmy Dora". We guarantee that you’ll have a great time. Hope the next local comedy films would be as good as this or maybe even better! The bar has been finally set once again.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch this:
- Eugene Domingo brings her A-game in this film and it was as good as it can get
- good, mindless fun that we have sorely missed from the local scene
- cameo upon cameo of famous actors and actresses will surprise a lot of people

Why you shouldn't watch this:
- story might be too shallow for some but really, who cares when you are having so much fun

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