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Not So Hottie (The Hottie and The Nottie) : Movie Review

Come on, what can you really expect from a movie starring Paris Hilton? NOT MUCH! This is what everyone should keep in mind before seeing this movie. We all know that Paris Hilton is definitely NOT an actress and this movie shows how much she tries hard to be one and she sucks at it, big time.

The Hottie and the Nottie is a movie about a hot girl Cristabelle (Paris Hilton) who vows to not date a guy until she finds a suitable partner for her not so hottie, never had a boyfriend BFF June. A guy named Nate is desperate to find a suitor for June just so he can finally have a chance with Cristabelle. He comes up with different schemes to find a guy that can date June and he realizes in the end that what he’s been doing is not exactly what he wants after all.

The movie dragged 95% of the way and at times, you’ll even be confused on what’s really happening. They definitely used Paris Hilton to sell the film but a highlight of the film is that the actors who played Nate and June did a pretty decent job. But still, the story is horrible, the script is dreadful, and everything else is awful. It could even be one of Hollywood’s worst films ever! The one hour and thirty one minutes of this film could actually be one of your most painful experiences in a very long time.

Rating : .
5 reels


- If you are a Paris Hilton fan
- If you are interested in seeing the eventual makeover of the “Nottie”


- Paris Hilton is just a terrible, terrible, terrible actress
- Sexist comedy
- Extremely painful and dragging

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