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Reel Advice Update

Hi to all of our readers and hope you are all having wonderful Holidays! Most of you may not know it but our site has just surpassed the 100th post mark. This counts as our 101st! We never thought we would even reach this feat a few months back! It has been a wonderful ride full of ups and downs and thanks to all of your support because without you guys, we won't even be writing movie reviews for this long right? So really, thanks!

Well back to business. We actually have an announcement to make to start the new year with a bang. We have always thought it best to have our domain name but we could not decide when to do it and how. But since this is the holidays and we actually have time to plan things out, we just purchased our own domain name through Blogger. Reel Advice can now be accessed through Our site can still be accessed through our old address but you will be redirected to the new one. Blogger tells us that it will take at the most three days from now before our domain name is officially available so just watch out. Another thing before we end this post, since we got our own web address, all emails can now be directed to [email protected]

So that's all for now and welcome to the new Reel Advice!

-Jed and Vit

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