The Air I Breathe : Movie Review

This is probably the movie that we almost regretted not watching. This is simply one of the best films we have watched this year. From the all-star cast to the interwoven storyline of its characters, it is simply perfect.

The movie uses the four main themes of a Chinese proverb (Happiness, Sorrow, Pleasure and Love) to separate the stories of its main protagonists in the film. Not revealing too much, you would be surprised how much the characters are truly linked to each other. We simply felt that it was an experience closely resembled by the TV series "Lost".

Beyond this simple structure in showing the different main phases of life, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from here. Such an example is Brendan Frasier's character having a "special ability" that actually is the cause of his sadness.

In the end, "The Air I Breathe" would leave you breathless. Be ready to be immersed and be bonded with the different characters in the film. For us, the film is flawless in every aspect.

Rating : 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Everything in it is worth it. SERIOUSLY!

Why you should not watch it:
- There is simply no reason why you shouldn't watch it. It's that good!
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