Asylum : Movie Review

We were actually wondering why Asylum was only shown in a very few cinemas around the Metro. It was a good thing that it was showing in a nearby theater because we wanted to watch it. It was unfortunate for us because we wasted about an hour and a half of our precious time watching this movie.

Asylum was a really lame movie. It started quite okay, college students realizing their dorm was once an asylum wherein teenagers were tortured by a certain doctor to cure them from their insanity. We thought, “Hey, this can actually be scary.”, but then the movie went downhill from then on. The film did not even have a very good ending; it just ended without any kind of closure whatsoever. It was so bad that you would have to pay us a HUGE amount of money to make us watch it ever again.

We’ve seen a lot of bad movies before but we believe this might actually take the cake for the worst one yet. The plot was badly written and developed, the acting was terrible and cheesy, and the visual effects were awful and outdated.

rating : 0 reels

Why you should watch it:

- No reason, no reason at all!

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- bad bad bad movie

- bad plot, actors, etc.
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