The Forbidden Kingdom : Movie Review

We were not at all disappointed with this movie which we have waited for so long already (with Vit a super Jet Li fanatic). The two biggest stars of Kung fu/martial arts, Jet Li and Jackie Chan in just one film makes it one of our most anticipated movies. The movie satisfied our expectations. We wanted brilliant martial arts action, a comedy and a solid story line and that is what we and the audience gets.

The scenes where the movie was shot were so beautiful and breathtaking. The colors were amazing and the choreography for the duels was wonderful. Our favorite scene in the movie is the very first on screen face-off between Jackie Chan and Jet Li which we would probably never see again for the longest time (hopefully a Forbidden Kingdom sequel or even a prequel perhaps?).

We recommend this movie not only for the Kung Fu addicts but also to those who want to see a great action film from two of the biggest Asian superstars today.

Rating : 5 reels


* It’s Jet Li and Jackie Chan in one film!
* Great choreography and cinematography
* Action-packed film

* Non Kung Fu fans may not like the movie

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