Manay Po 2 : Overload : Movie Review

This is a first for us; our first local movie review and connected with this first is the notion on what do you expect from locally-made films? From experience, we didn’t expect much from the film, probably hoping it can give us a few laughs and a lighter feeling after going out of the cinema. We realized after watching that the movie wasn’t so bad even though it looked as if it was going to be a waste of time. The characters and the actors are hilarious, especially since you know that they are real men acting gay (Not an easy feat in itself right men?).

The movie is about a family wherein all the children (3 sons in all) are gay. All throughout the film, you’ll see gay people everywhere! There was even a scene wherein you can see as many as 7 gays all in the screen. The gay humor really gave us a good laugh.

Surprise surprise, that it is better than most Filipino films we’ve seen. Even ten times better than the latest local film we watched, the ungodly Supahpapalicious. The punch lines and the way they were delivered were really good, leaving all the people in the cinema house breathless with laughter. till the story was typical, nothing really spectacular as expected.

Rating : 2 reels

Why you should watch it :

- Funny characters and good actors

- Light movie, perfect for those who love watching movies wherein you can just relax and not have to think

Why you should not watch it :

- Not recommended for a homophobic

- Women may enjoy it more than men

- Not much story

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