The Other Boleyn Girl : Movie Review

People usually associate "historical" films to be boring, dragging films. "The Other Boleyn Girl" exceeds and shatters that perception we had on such films. Honestly, we didn’t expect it to be this good. We expected it to be an uninspired, uber-melodramatic (which most guys would agree to hate right?) adaptation of the said historical context.

The story is about the Boleyn sisters, Mary and Anne and their relation with the King of England. The King, having trouble getting a male heir, is trying to find a mistress to replace his rather "incompetent" wife. A simple story of trying to lure the King to be a mistress of one of the sisters complicates into a mish-mash of chaos which eventually leads to a gr
uesome end.

It was very interesting to actually see how England was separated from the Catholic Church and the reason for the establishment of the Church of England. The movie was a brilliant way of telling and showing the inner emotions and relationships that could have happened in those trying times.

Rating : 4 and a half reels


  • Great actors, especially the Boleyn sisters played by Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson
  • Not boring, very interesting way of telling history


  • Others may still find the movie long and tedious
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