Superhero Movie : Movie Review

What would one expect from Superhero Movie? To be honest, watching the trailer a few weeks back, we thought the movie had a true potential to go beyond the structurally flawed and quite frankly somewhat overly used "____ Movie" Series. Sadly though, we were much disappointed with the outcome.

The movie actually though was not that bad. It had actually some kind of story to it and it actually showed some creative factor with its different mix of characters and direction. As for the comedic part of it, it did deliver in some scenes but not all were brilliantly made. Some jokes and spoofs were memorable while some were totally rubbish (Although most of these jokes were already within the trailer).

I guess we expected too much from a movie that was intended to be mediocre in the first place. Like all movies in this genre, just don't expect too much and you will probably enjoy it.

Rating : 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- could actually provide some laughs

Why you should not watch it:
- if you're the serious type, avoid this one with your life!

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