U2 3D : Movie Review

It was six in the evening, it was dark and a cool misty air was all around us. Yet suddenly we heard a voice shouting ,"Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce!", and that was all she wrote. We were taken aback for almost an hour and a half and transported back to 2006 in Buenos Aires at the River Plate Stadium as we watched U2 playing live.

This is our third Imax experience (P.S. for Jed only) and this is probably the best Imax film we have seen presented in our country.
For the visuals, the images were so crisp and detailed that you could even see Bono's sweat gather and glimmer as he sang songs like "Vertigo" and "With or Without You". This is probably the closest we'll get to see the band members. It was as if we were just beside them while they were playing.

As for the audio, we believe it was the major selling point of the film. Beyond the eight-storey visuals was the very immersive sounds. You could hear the people's screams, chants and clamor for U2's brilliance. This is a true show of power the Imax sound system has compared to others; this is simply the best audio we have ever heard compared to other cinemas and theaters around the metro (although there are rumors that the D-Cinema has better sounds for u2 3D).

We recommend the u2 3D experience to anyone and everyone; u2 die hard fans or not. This is simply an experience that no one should miss, EVER.

Rating : 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- very detailed visuals
- audio is the best ever

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- some may tire their eyes quickly
- some may get dizzy
-price may be too steep for some (500 pesos in Imax Theatre and 350 pesos in D-Cinema)



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