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Hello World! This is Reel Advice. The team is composed of Jed and Vit and we are both movie enthusiasts. So what do we plan to do with this blog? Well basically, since we have the "resources" to watch as many films as we want to (TY Vit's Aunt!), we plan to review and rate them on a regular basis. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks, months and even years, we can help people decide which movies are worth your time and money from those who made us ask "Why the heck were they made in the first place?!"

Moving on, for our first ever content and first ever post in this movie blog, we give you the trailer for "U2 3D". We are admittedly not die hard fans of U2 but this is probably the first IMAX film that really caught our attention. Maybe it's the alluring good heartedness of Bono or maybe just a chance in experiencing a concert almost for real and almost face-to-face.

The 3D concert film has been shown since April 1. It is available in the IMAX Theatre in MOA for 500 bucks per head and the D-Cinema in SM North EDSA, 350 bucks per head.

We plan to watch it this week in the IMAX Theatre. So wait for our first ever review here on REEL ADVICE.

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