Caregiver : Movie Review

When you watch ABS-CBN these days, you’ll understand why some people are very interested in seeing this film. This movie is so hyped up on TV as they say that it has been rated A by the media board, shot mostly in London, Sharon Cuneta’s first movie after so many years, and an offering for Star Cinema’s anniversary. After hearing all these things, you can be sure that this movie really wouldn’t be so bad.

After watching the film, we feel that the movie was over-hyped in a sense that the movie is not that great. All the hype made us expect that we definitely wouldn’t think twice about giving 5 reels for this movie. I admit that the movie is good and not at all bad. It is an eye-opener for a lot of us who know little about the lives of OFWs all over the world. Although this is not the first film about OFWs, it is the first focusing on caregivers. The story is about Sarah, a grade school English teacher who chose to work as a caregiver in London to give her son a better chance in life in the Philippines. Sarah joins her husband who is in London working as a nurse and their goal is to eventually get their son to join them in London. Sarah’s problems started when she becomes affected by her patients who are lonely and are seemingly just waiting for their time to die. Add to that is her husband who eventually refuses to work after he becomes frustrated with his job. He becomes a burden as he just drinks everyday and lives in self-pity.

Although Sharon Cuneta did a good job playing her role, we couldn’t help but think that she really didn’t have an exceptionally dramatic scene in the movie that “wowed” us. We felt that any actress could just play the role of the Caregiver, other actresses like Cherry Pie Picache could have done a good job. Maybe they just chose the Megastar to make the movie more special or to sell the movie.

Everything in the film was okay for us till the twist in the end (Don’t read any further if you are planning to watch the film!). What happened is that Sarah’s husband decided that they are to just go home in the Philippines as he cannot seem to find his luck in London. Sarah left his husband at the airport and decided to stay in London and to work hard by herself so she can get his son. She even said “Tapos na ako sa pagiging asawa mo” we mean what kind of value is the movie teaching us? That we should leave our husbands because they are useless and to just work on our own to earn Pounds? This movie could have had a better ending.

Reel Rating : 3 reels

Why you should watch it

  • Sarah’s relationship with her patient was touching and moving
  • The movie serves as an eye opener for us as we get to know the hardships of our hardworking caregivers abroad

Why you shouldn’t watch it

  • If you expect a lot from the film, you’ll surely get disappointed
  • What’s with the ending? Grrr…


  1. I believe you are wrong, she said "pagod na ako sa pagiging asawa mo" because Teddy pulls her in his downfall.