Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay : Movie Review

The movie is basically about two bestfriends who want to go to Amsterdam, a place were illegal drugs are legal (please correct us if we are wrong). Harold also wants to surprise his girl who has a model gig there. The plot complicates as Kumar does stupid acts on the plane making them labeled as terrorists from North Korea and the Middle East. Most of the film actually does not take place in Guantanamo Bay, it served as more of a sideline to the main plot.

Personally, both of us have never watched the first Harold & Kumar flick (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle) and from the start, it was obvious that it was just right after the first film's end. With that in mind, we really had a hard time getting into the various cast of characters and their quirkiness. Some people might not like the film due to this fact, that the movie itself was not that open to new viewers of the Harold & Kumar fame. Aside from that, the movie was enjoyable yet, like most films from this genre, filled with improbable adventure to improbable adventure coupled with mostly dirty and quick humor. Noting that, its humor could be offensive to some people as it tackles many stereotypical views on race and what not (So closeminded people, please avoid this one!). Finally, the film was mired with cut after cut which actually gets annoying at one point. We think boys would actually enjoy this more than girls. So if you are a guy, expect a rating higher by a half reel.


rating : 3 reels

Why you should watch it :
- if you like simple and mindless plots, go for this one

Why you should not watch it :

- if you are the closeminded type

- if you expect more substance in a movie

- for some, if you missed the first movie, you might have a hard time understanding some of the story
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