Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull : Movie Review

The Indy fanatics probably couldn’t sleep the night before the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series was released in theaters. We watched on the first day of its release and judging from the long lines in the 5 theaters in the movie house all showing the same film, everyone wanted to see Indiana Jones wear his famous fedora once again after last seeing him on the big screen almost 20 years ago.

We’ve seen all of the Indiana Jones movies before seeing this one and we can say that the exciting adventures and daredevil stunts of the famous archeologist that we have loved in the first three films are back and are once again enjoyed in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The movie would certainly not disappoint when it comes to the action scenes, breathtaking stunts, and lovable characters. Cate Blanchette should be given props for her acting in this one. She plays the role of the Russian villain in this film and she definitely impressed us with how well she played her part.

The story for the fourth movie is about the search for a crystal skull and its apparent return to the city of gold, El Dorado. Legend says that whoever returns the crystal skull to the city temple would gain control of its power. The Russians wanted to grab this power and it is up to Indiana and his gang to prevent the Russians from getting it. This movie is different from the first three films as the Russians are the villains in this film whereas for the first three films, it was the Germans that Indy was up against.

The film was done using old cameras and old techniques especially with its stunts, to get that nostalgic feel of the other three films. We could say, the film was so-so in this part. Others might enjoy the CG graphics, but for us, it was somewhat overly used and quite obvious with the eyes of the normal film viewer. Some CG scenes were just heavenly but mostly were not.

The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an enjoyable film not just for the Indy series lovers (P.S. there are some easter eggs in the film for old time viewers) but also for those who were born after the third film. Both of us have seen it twice and it even becomes better after seeing it the second time around.

Rating : 4 REELS

Why you should watch it:

- George Lucas + Steven Spielberg + Harrison Ford

- You wouldn’t want to be called a loser because almost everyone would definitely want to see this film

- For the girls, from Vit, Shia is going to be cute.

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- If you’re not an Indiana Jones fan or just a slob who thinks a movie is reality, you probably won’t enjoy the unrealistic scenarios, scenes and stunts in the film

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