Iron Man : Movie Review

To start things of, we actually thought this film was going to blow itself off. There have been a lot of superhero movies that have been huge flops and disappointments in the past like Elektra, Catwoman, The Hulk and Ghost Rider. Making superhero movies was a 50-50 venture and somehow it actually feels like that most of them are made not for quality and viewer satisfaction but actually just for the Benjamins. Iron Man, we believed, was really over hyped and much, much awaited by almost everyone. And based from the trailer, we did not see any meat in it. From these two things, we saw that there was a big possibility that it was doomed to fail big time.

So what's our verdict?

We admit we were wrong. We were the ones who made a mistake in judging this movie from the start. It was a very good portrayal of the origins of Iron Man. It did not deviate that much from the basic storyline of its comic brethren. Beyond the story, the effects were good and really believable. The only hindrance in this movie is that it has a lot of conversations and less the action. What we expected in this film is a lot of fight scenes and explosions and yet it only had it a few minutes in the middle and most of it in the end. We recommend that you guys watch this film even if you are not a fan of Iron Man and the like.

Rating : 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it :
- the visuals are great
- excellent story telling

Why you should not watch it :
- nothing here really except if you do not want to be "in" right now especially with guys

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