Street Kings : Movie Review

People are used to seeing cops being portrayed as the good guys; those untainted, fearless heroes that maintain the streets. But this movie deviates from that stereotypical view of the police force. It tries to add a human side to these cops, the imperfect, dark and corrupt side of things. To put it bluntly, a side of the police force which we usually experience or even rant about here in the Philippines.

The setting is LA and Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) is the main character. He is a vice detective in the LAPD. Very early, we discove
r the shady underworld of Tom and his detective team. We also discover about his alcoholic problems and problematic relationships with his peers especially wit his former partner. The story gets complicated and the mystery starts when his former partner gets ambushed and killed mercilessly and Tom is right there on the scene of the crime.

The movie itself was not bad at all. The story was interesting and we believe it truly shows the reality of being humans; that nothing is truly perfect in this world, cop or no cop, hero or no hero. It actually might lessen your trust on anyone or anything even those that comes out on the news. It shows how easy it is to twist the truth especially if you have the resources and capabilities to do so. The good
points aside, we felt that it dragged for quite a bit. Also, we deemed it quite predictable which sort of lessened the surprise of its twist. Finally, we felt that the ending ruined the film. With nothing much to reveal, nothing good really comes out from its conclusion. The film again was a realistic portrayal of how cops live and work but in the end it stuck too much with this theme and failed. Portraying too much "reality" in itself is not that good on film and maybe that is why most films are lesser reflections of life. Maybe we watch films because we want to get out of reality in the first place.

Rating : 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it :
- a good portrayal of what we usually do not see or just assume
- a lot of action scenes and quite good too

Why you should not watch it :
- you might get bored
- it's actually quite complicated even though the twist is predictable
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