What Happens In Vegas : Movie Review

Watching this movie was like winning a jackpot. It was funny as hell (as what we would expect from Ashton Kutcher) and the romantic parts were effective as well even though it was not as serious as most romantic flicks. The only plight in this is the subtle lack of chemistry of Cameron Diaz and Ashton due to the very obvious age gap between them; man, Cameron, you lost it.

The setting starts not in Vegas actually but in New York. As Cameron, tries to surprise her boyfriend and as Ashton is trying to "work" carpentry for his dad. Not to give away much from the plot, let's just say they meet up in Vegas and eventually gets married. The real adventure starts here as they discover they are married to each other due to their drunken rampage the other night.

The movie can be enjoyed by anyone from the family. We recommend it not only for lovers but for everyone else. What happens in Vegas..shouldn't stay in Vegas!

Rating : 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- funny; not only Ashton delivers but also everyone else
- romantic
- even the guys would enjoy this romantic film

Why you should not watch it:
- erm...if you do not want to see a dilapidated Cameron Diaz.


  1. most of the romantic comedies i've seen with Ashton Kutcher have been pretty good, A Lot Like Love is another example

  2. Hi Patrick! TY for the comment. We completely agree with what you said. It makes us wonder why they don't offer more films to Ashton. Heck, if Steve Carell could pull off romantic flicks, why not mroe of Ashton!