When Hate Begins (When Love Begins) : Movie Review

"Someday...Oneday...This film could be a winner..." Now that statement is just an outright fallacy. Even a miracle could not make that true and yep...you guys read that right, we actually made the title of the movie into a pun and actually put it up wrong deliberately. We won't conceal the disgust, the uselessness and the hate we felt when we watched this film. The whole thing was a mess from the start and went screechingly downhill from there on.

The plot was that Aga was a former attorney and now an environmentalist and Anne a daughter of a big time developer. They met in Boracay (yeah what a start right?) and we discover that Anne has a weird, twisted perception of love (which makes us wonder why Aga fell in love in the first place, stupid!) in which she hates commitments and she does not want any responsibilities to any guys EVER. The conflict starts when Anne's father has a development project in Tanay and Aga's environmental group protests and opposes this project. Well, some could say, "What's wrong with the plot? It could work and actually sounds different from what we usually see!" Yeah, it could...but it didn't!!! Hurrah to the director, you could not have sucked more than the infamous Uwe Boll for crying out loud.

First, the scenes just jumped and jumped. We got confused and dazed on how much the setting was changing in conversations (especially when it was still in Boracay). There was no flow and development whatsoever with the story and its characters. There could have been so much more in the various quirks with the characters. And even though it was two hours already, it still feels like a rushed-up execution. Also, you know there is something wrong when a film is labeled as "romance" and you feel sadder with Aga's relationship with his mom than his relationship with Anne. Where is the romance in that? Mother and son?!?!? SICK!!! The truth is, the development of the film and its story could have been done by anyone better than how it was done by its writer and director. Actually, there was really no development or changes at all, for anyone of the characters in the film. What you see from the start is what you get in the end (Anne's character still having a sick view of love). It totally missed on the essential and serious problems in a relationship and concentrated on the "mababaw" areas only. Makes us wonder why they had the brains to actually think about the age of Anne Curtis' cellphone concerning the film's time line but did not have that same ingenuity (or even common sensical knowledge) to do that to the whole thing.

Second, the acting was really lackluster. Actually, Anne...you know this is your fault more than anyone else in the film. You do not even have to act beyond what you really are in real life and yet you still suck doing it (that says a lot about your character in person). Anne Curtis not to our surprise was one annoying person. Anne just makes the experience more unbearable by sucking the chemistry and love from Aga and from the whole film (Props to the Casting Director with this one...NOT!!!).

Third, most of Anne Curtis' lines were just out of sync. Anyone with any sense of how love is or even how normal conversations go could have written way better lines for her. Which makes us wonder if anyone from the writers actually hates Anne to the bone and sabotaged her lines.

The only saving grace for this film is Anne Curtis' bikinis, shirts, dresses and accessories. So for the girls, we advice just to buy yourselves a fashion or teen magazine! It's cheaper, it will last longer and damn we are sure it would have the same good stuff in the film and will be much more interesting than the film.

There is so much to really hate about this film that we could go on for days and days! If you want to know why and discover more wrongs and mishaps then just watch it but do not say we did not warn you! In ending this review for this helluvah film, we would like to announce that the "suck" factor of this film was really, really disturbing that even "No Reels" could not justify it. With that...here is its rating and a first in Reel Advice....

Rating : -5 Reels (The lowest of the lows. God help us if anything goes lower than this one!!!)

Why you should watch it :
- if you want to experience heaven...that is, after watching it.
- if you are blind and deaf...even a blind man would not enjoy this one, just hearing Anne's voice and so called lines (more like puns) would make you want to just walk out of the cinema.

Why you should not watch it :
- nuff' said Attorneeeeeey!!!


  1. Kung makapanglait ka, akala mo kung sino ka, ah? Atleast, ANNE is a way better person than YOU.