Who wouldn't forget the movies, Blades of Glory and Dodgeball, the over-the-top and outlandish concepts of sports league that everyone would never imagine to be true and if it were so, who in their right mind would do that?!!? Air Guitar Nation gives us that feeling and yet amazingly, this is a documentary not a work of fiction. Air guitar professionalism as we will find out is true and has been going on for more than a decade already.

The documentary is centered actually not on the World Air Guitar Championships but on David "C-Diddy" Jung and Dan "Bjorn Turoque" Crane and their quest for air guitar greatness. The premise starts when the good old U.S. of A. has no representatives in the World Air Guitar Championships since its inceptions in the 90's. They believe it was time to reclaim their old pride and glory since rock as they believe was born in their country. C-Diddy became the East Coast champion while Bjorn was the second placer. The adventure starts when Bjorn became really obsessive in trying to outwit, outplay and outair C-Diddy up until the World Championships.

We enjoyed looking at how serious these people became about air guitar and actually quite fearsome is the sense that some teachings about air guitar zen actually made sense. We saw how hard it was to really compete in a sport that in essence was outlandish and weird yet gave glory none the less. It taught us on one hand that how ridiculous one thing may sound, it could actually be reality and on the other never to judge these people. Hard work was put up by these people.

We recommend Air Guitar Nation to anyone. We all know we have been all dreaming to be that killer guitarist playing rock-hard riffs. Everyone admit it, we all did air-guitaring even once. Watch this flick, have an open-mind and enjoy childhood dreams become reality.

Rating : 4 reels

Why you should watch it :
- ridiculous, serious -> works for anyone!
- discover new things about our silly human race.

Why you shouldn't watch it :
- if you dread seeing a naked man...worse, he's air guitaring!
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