The Happening : Movie Review

The trailer itself was enough to scare and intrigue us that’s why we couldn’t wait to watch it the moment it was released in theaters. Aside from that, we have come to love M. Night Shyamalan films, including the Sixth Sense and especially, The Village. We certainly don’t want to miss his latest flick.

The movie is about a high school science teache
r Elliot who tries to escape a catastrophe that is "happening" in the city wherein people seemed to be infected by an airborne virus that makes them all want to kill themselves. The movie right from the start absolutely terrified us because of the gruesome and graphic scenes. They were absolutely disturbing and since the movie kept showing those gruesome scenes for A VERY, VERY LONG TIME, you would think that there absolutely should be a good ending to even make these scenes necessary. But then we didn’t get a good ending at all. M. Night seemed to want to terrify his audience right from the start and for no good reason at all.

We can say that the movie is one of his worst films but it was indeed effective in terrifying the audience and showing a lot of gore. The movie certainly could have been better if it was given a better ending. Let’s face it, we were all engrossed in the first moments of the film because of its excellent build up and we couldn’t wait to see a spectacular finish that we just didn’t get. The hype was just too much to bear for the producers of the film. Even though this film was a little disappointing, we’re sure that M. Night fans like us would st
ill continue to watch his films. But “The Happening” this time is just…well, not happening.

Rating : 2 and a half reels

- If you like M. Night films, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss this one

- It was so scary that it might actually be enjoyable for a lot of people


- If you don’t want to get nightmares for the next few nights, try avoiding this film

- The acting and the lines are really also quite bad. Even Mark Wahlberg didn’t do a good job
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