The Incredible Hulk : Movie Review

Who could ever forget the ever so "wonderful", "The Hulk" of 2003. Ang Lee's dark rendition which no one bothered to watch. A film which became a victim of the over populated world of superheroes in films nowadays. Will the remake of a remake, "The Incredible Hulk", jump start the Hulk franchise (to include it to the likes of Spiderman or Ironman) or will it be another big flop like its big brother?The plot of the film starts off pretty quick.

The opening sequence sort of tells what happened to Bruce Banner to become the Hulk. It skips the origins of the Hulk and actually jumps right after he escapes to Brazil. In the film, we saw how Bruce Banner struggled to hide his identity especially trying to control his anger. We felt the film was really effective in portraying the right emotions for the given sequences. We for example really felt fear and anxiety as the Hulk was hiding in the dark. The plot itself also has meat and sense although somewhat whimsical at parts. The enemy of the Hulk was really an overly-obssessed compulsive just sort of goes to the boundary of the creepy and the weird.

We think this film is way, way better than the 2003 flick. This should have been the film in 2003, not that Ang Lee crap. "The Incredible Hulk" is the right film to roll off a trilogy of some sorts (we are pretty sure there will be a second film, just try to notice it somewhere in the film and hint, it's not in the end). We think they made the right decision when the producers decided to scrap the previous film. This film will be enjoyed by anyone.

Rating : 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- action + good plot = winner!!!

Why you should not watch it:

-why, scared of green monsters?
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