The King of Kong : A Fistful of Quarters : Reel Advice Underground Review

Finally, a new feature has arrived in Reel Advice; it's Reel Advice Underground. You might be wondering what's it all about. Well basically, it tackles movies that are beyond what we usually see in cinemas. These are the movies that are not widely released, we don't see release here in our country or even maybe these are the ones that don't get the attention they actually need. For our inaugural launching of The Underground, we present, "The King of Kong : A Fistful of Quarters".

Most people think that games are for the lazy, games are for those who do not have a life or even games are for the childish. Simply put, games for most of us are mostly recreational and for some games are for those who are geeks, dweebs; essentially, the losers. Well, in this film, gaming is taken to another level. Gaming is not for fun or for the lazy even. It is for fame, glory and for own self-accomplishment. Gaming is serious here folks.

The documentary is basically about the classic game of Donkey Kong and Steve Wiebe. Steve is a simple man out to grab the world record for the most points in Donkey Kong. The story complicates itself when Steve gets into the way of Billy Mitchell, named the gamer of the century by getting a perfect score in Pac-man, who currently holds the record of for the same game. The duel itself was like David versus Goliath. Billy, the ever-invincible gamer celebrity, who has fame and glory by his side while Steve is a simple teacher with a family who only has a one dream in his life, and that is to win something for his name. We couldn't believe how much trouble can brew and how much emotions can be out into a simple game. The documentary ultimately succeeded in showing how gaming can be serious, that it can actually rule someone his whole life. The documentary itself was brilliant; gamers and non-gamers should sign up.

Rating : 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- a new look into the world of gaming

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- well...if you're Jack Thompson.
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