Kung Fu Panda : Movie Review

We remembered the first time we saw the poster of Kung Fu Panda a few months back and we concluded right then and there that the movie wouldn’t be good. After seeing the trailer and knowing that it is DreamWorks who created it, we started having high hopes for the movie. True enough, it became one of the most anticipated films of the summer and we weren’t at all disappointed with the movie. It was fun, heartwarming, and totally entertaining.

The movie is about Po, a panda who was prophesized to be the “chosen one” (the Dragon Warrior) who would save their village. Po doesn’t have any extraordinary kung fu skills as he works at a noodle restaurant unlike the skilled warriors like the tiger, the monkey, the crane, the snake, and the mantis. Master Shifu is then convinced that “there are no accidents” and was determined to teach Po kung fu. In the end, Po proved himself to be an excellent warrior using his one style of kung fu fighting.

It is an excellent film as it combines animation and martial arts that kids and grown ups would surely enjoy this film. This is the quality that we always expected from Dreamworks, even more. They went beyond the fair share of animated flicks shown recently. Add to that are the hilarious antics of the characters and the heartwarming tale and its very heartwarming moral lessons that make Kung Fu Panda the best animated film this summer.

Rating : 4 and a half reels


- A panda that does kung fu? Who wouldn’t want to see that?

- Its fun, light, and totally entertaining

- If you hate animated films and you dislike kung fu and martial arts

-if you're truly a grouchy grown up at heart.

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