The Dark Knight : Movie Review

It's been three years and more than a month since the brilliant re-telling of the Batman in film, Batman Begins. And the hell it's been that long that we have been craving for it's sequel. The problem is, how could it really top its predecessor? Batman Begins was really, really good and second, it has been hyped too much over the past few months (maybe even years!). It's really scary as almost everyone expects something near perfect from this sequel to be called a success. So with this in mind, can The Dark Knight make us all leave the theater satisfied and hungry for more Dark Knight goodness or will it be an utter failure and a failed ode to Mr. Ledger's edgy yet heavenly last performance as the Joker?

We will get straight to the point with this film; it is dark, grimy, SCARY. It's really very different from the Batman films we knew before, even surpassing the darkness of Batman Begins. It's darkness ironically gives this film a more humane feel to the Batman and his enemies. These are no longer superheroes and villains...NO! They are people we can see walking past us everyday. The Batman always had a special place in our hearts compared to other superheroes of yore due to the fact that he is the only famous superhero who really is just a normal person deep inside (no super strength, no x-ray eyes, no mutant powers) and this film portrays that reality best in every sense. As for Heath's performance, BRAVO! This is the perfect Joker portrayal ever, this was the Joker we have been imagining ever since we knew him. It makes Jack Nicholson's portrayal before look like a farce.

There's nothing more to say about this film that could really justify its brilliance. Even we are having a hard time making this review because it's just that damn good! The only flaw? Maybe the Batman's over-husky voice that becomes annoying and ultimately a joke by everyone else. The only thing we could say about this film in the end is just watch it! We're begging everyone to watch it! Every soul should see it, Batman fan or not! This is a movie fit for a legend as Batman and a befitting ode by Heath Ledger.

Rating : 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Everything in it!
- ___________ <-please fill-in your reasons readers! :p

Why you should not watch it:
- no reasons at all...


  1. Loved this movie. You can see my own take at my site here:

    Great review. Heath rules as the Joker, but I was shocked at how well Eckhart held his own.

  2. Hi Fitz!

    Great review too! Yep! Aaron Eckhart deserves credit too, just us much as Heath! Too bad we, most likely, won't get to see him anymore next time!

    By the way, thanks for commenting.