Journey to the Center of the Earth : Movie Review

We were really disappointed that we didn’t get to see this in 3D. We believe that almost every scene is made to be seen in 3D picture. The story is about a scientist and professor named Trevor who found his brother’s notes about a particular theory that he strongly believed in before he disappeared about 10 years ago. He headed off to Iceland with Max’s 13 year old son and the two of them, together with a local mountain guide, experienced the greatest adventure of their lives. The three of them reached the center of the Earth, a world within the world that would make Max’s theories correct.

The story isn’t actually new and the movie focused only on three characters. The advantage of this film is all about its action scenes as it is all about the fun and the excitement that the three characters bring to the audience from their adventures. It is action packed complete with roller coaster mine shafts, magnetic rocks, dinosaurs, and luminous birds. The scenes are enough to get you excited and entertained.

Even though we enjoyed this film, we strongly suggest that you watch it in 3D to get your money’s worth. The producers of the film definitely intended it to be seen in 3D and it is unfortunate that there is only one theater in the country that shows it in the third dimension. Add to that is that theater is also quite expensive. We give this movie a rating of four reels but we think it would climb .5 reels higher if you watch it on 3D.

RATING : 4 reels


- The whole journey was fun and entertaining

- Perfect wholesome movie for the whole family


- If you want to see the real deal, then don’t watch in 2D screen
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