Meet Dave : Movie Review

This movie definitely caught us by surprise. We were actually not at all excited to see this film for two reasons: First, that Eddie Murphy hasn’t really come up with anything brilliant for such a long time (Hello! Have you seen Norbit or Adventures of Pluto Nash?). These movies were big flops and they’re pretty much enough to make you dread watching any Eddie Murphy film for the rest of your life. Second is that we got sick of watching the trailer. Any movie we watch at the movie house for the past few months plays Meet Dave’s trailer. We think it played for about two months before it was finally released last July 23 in the Philippines and that’s why we got really tired of it. But in the end, we were pleasantly surprised of how entertaining it was and how wrong most people are by avoiding this film like the plague.

Dave is an odd “person” in New York, so odd that he seems to have come from another planet. He is a humanoid ship where aliens that look like tiny people are operating inside him. Their goal for visiting planet Earth is to suck up Earth’s waters and to use the salt to solve their own planet’s energy problems. However, the little aliens have come to realize a lot of things while on planet Earth. They discover things like hip-hop, internet and human emotions that led them to discover personalities of their own. A single mother and his son have especially taught Captain Dave a lot of things when he became their friend.

Meet Dave is not just a decent movie for Eddie Murphy but it is definitely fun and enjoyable. We found Eddie Murphy’s acting in this one amusing and highly entertaining and we were reminded of how brilliant he was during the prime of his career. We couldn’t think of anyone else who can actually pull off the role of Captain Dave. Hopefully, this could be the start of Eddie Murphy’s comeback.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch this film:

- It is a fun and relaxing movie that offers a good laugh and a light feeling

- Eddie Murphy is just a brilliant in this film

Why you shouldn’t:

- If you still have a trauma from Norbit and Pluto Nash

- If you’re too serious and you’re not easy to please


  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I had no desire to see this after renting Norbit, LOL. I'm glad to hear that someone likes it!! :-)

  2. Hi Angelika!

    Well maybe you can try watching this one and renew your interest with Eddie Murphy! :P