Prom Night : Movie Review

Prom Night is a remake of the 80’s slasher flick starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Despite the cliché story that we’ve seen so many times in movies with similar genre like the Scream series, we still enjoyed this one. People who wanted to experience the usual scare from slasher movies may get disappointed with this one as it is not as terrifying, even the psycho killer in this movie looks normal and ordinary. The movie also lacks the gore that some people enjoy but in general, it delivered a decent job that may bring out a few screams every once in a while.

Although both of us had never seen the original film, we heard that the story of this one is nothing like the first film. The title is the same but the plot is entirely different. The story of the remake is about Donna Keppel who had a teacher who got obsessed with her and murdered her whole family a few years back. She managed to get away from being killed as she came home late unexpectedly and was able to hide under the bed. She is now excited for one of the most memorable nights of her life; her senior prom. Only to be haunted again by her psycho stalker who managed to escape.

We admit that there are a lot better slasher movies than this one but we were surprised that we didn’t end up going out of the theater wishing we didn’t waste our precious time. It is an enjoyable movie for friends who would be watching in big groups, especially teenagers. Just like in movies of similar genre, we enjoyed its predictability, knowing in the end that everyone eventually gets killed but the lead star.

Rating: 3 reels

- Great movie for teenagers, Watch with your friends to make the experience more enjoyable

- If you hate films like this wherein everyone gets killed

- If you’re looking for a really scary suspense thriller. You may not like this one

- very predictable

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