The Warlords : Movie Review

It's been a long time since jet Li has starred in a movie purely made by Chinese. In recent times, Hollywood has been Jet Li's main stage. The Warlords is a return for Jet Li to the place that help start his career. We don't know if it's an ode to his Chinese brethren but the real question is, is it worth to watch such a film? Does this relive the old Jet Li movies Filipinos are fond off (those Chinese Kung Fu action sequences that are really amazing)? Well, let's find out.

The setting for the warlords is in 19th century China and that's all we know. More
than Jet Li's General Pang character and some mundane Chinese names, we really got lost in this one. We don't know if we were just that slow since we couldn't follow or understand the plot that well. Half the time you are left wondering why the heck is this scene h
appening in the first place. The jumps and cuts from scene to scene weren't that effective. Cuts can suddenly transport you weeks even months after the previous scene.

The main culprit for these problems you may ask? It's the damn dubs (ironically our trailer has subs and not dubs). Trying itself to be a grade A film with a grade B dub really fails. We could have liked the old style of subtitles than this one. Dubs are supposed to make people understand the film not make them wince in pain trying to understand the overly-modulated voices that try to make themselves sound Westernized. Talk about irony. We don't know is this is linked too with the dubbing of the film but the effects too were lackluster. Effects were either obviously fake or missing at all; we couldn't decide which was better no sounds at all or hearing tin cans clashing proclaiming itself to be swords hitting each other.

As for what we we said about the longing w
e have for Kung Fu fights of yore? Well that too is missing. This film is more serious than oomph. A rental at best.

Rating : 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you want to experience watching Voltes V dubbing our guest.

Why you shouln't watch this:
- dubs, dubs, dubs and more DUBS!!!


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