Adam and Steve : Movie Review

What could we say about Adam and Steve? Well, nothing much actually. To sum it all up and end this suffering in a quick and brutal way, this movie sucks. There's nothing good about it; no one, even gays, lesbians should watch this so-called film.

We are even contemplating if we should give a plot summarization or not; were not interested in even trying to remember this film. But, we guess we have to at least give it a shot for others who are actually somewhat interested in it (why?!?!). The story is basic. It's about two gays falling in love. It borrows some ideas from "There's Something About Mary" as Steve has an "accident" with Adam that makes them part ways at the start and eventually meet again and fall in love after a few years. Now, there's nothing socially or even theologically wrong in this premise, believe us; we find nothing wrong in homosexual love. We are actually saddened that this film was shown because it gave the LGBT community a big, big step back in our opinion. Luckily for the LGBT community, this film is not shown everywhere. As of writing this article, only less than a handful of theaters are showing it here in Metro Manila.

Our advice for everyone you may ask? If you're trying to find a better film to portray homosexual love, why not watch "Brokeback Mountain" instead? It's an award-winning film that is actually easier to digest (this is for the guys actually) after watching this movie. And if you're want to have lots of laughs while still having a homosexual setting, why not watch "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry", it's more effective in making us laugh while just giving the same blow to the LGBT community.

Rating: no reels

Why you should watch it:
- no reason at all! it sucks!

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it's not funny as a comedy and it just worsens the situation of homosexuals.

Posted on 8/3/08 7:27PM
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