Big Stan: Movie Review

Rob Schneider has always been funny but let’s face it, his movies aren’t always that good. The last we’ve seen is probably Deuce Bigalow and even though he’s a funny guy, you wouldn’t really think his movies are brilliant. Big Stan is not only his best movie so far but plus points is that he’s the one who directed it. Big Stan has a lot of brilliant scenes that would leave you laughing out loud. All his co-actors were very good too, each having a distinct personality that would make you enjoy yourself. Rob, you make us proud to be Pinoys in this one!

Stan is a con man who is sentenced to at least three years in prison. Lucky for him, he was given six months before he enters prison and he does everything in his power to make him “unrape-able”. One night, he meets "The Master" in an alley when he gets beaten up by his Taekwondo teacher. He studies martial arts with “The Master” and he became so good at it that when he enters prison, he’s able to beat the crap out of all the tough guys inside. He becomes so popular inside and with his newfound power, he is able to unite the once divided prison. But then, the corrupt warden makes Stan choose between his freedom and the prisoners who became his friends.

We can say that we really enjoyed ourselves even though we didn’t expect anything but shallow comedy. You’ll love the characters, not just Stan but his prisoner friends, his wife and “The Master” as well. The martial arts fight scenes were also entertaining, especially the scenes wherein he is undergoing 6 months of training. Although some might feel that the movie is quite long as there are quite a number of long scenes, you really won’t regret wasting your time on this one. Prepare to laugh at the movies’ finest moments which is most of it anyway.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- It’s Rob Schneider’s best film…yet.

- Highly entertaining, you’ll really enjoy yourself

Why you shouldn't watch it

- If you hate long scenes and shallow comedy

- If you’re sick of martial arts related movies

- If you’re still traumatized with Deuce Bigalow, stay away from this film



  1. You know, I had never heard of this movie at all - looks like a great one too! I will have to watch and review for SquidFlicks sometime! I love comedy, ha! =)

  2. Hi Shelby!

    From which country do you belong? Maybe that's the reason it's not big there! :)

    Anyway, Rob Schneider is part Filipino so maybe that's one reason it's being shown here in the Philippines.

    By the way, nice site you got there! Lots of luck to you guys! :)