Dobol Trobol: Movie Review

Who wouldn’t expect a lot from this movie? Two of the biggest and most successful comedians of the country finally pairs up for this much movie. But, disappointingly, it wasn’t exactly what we expected. There was nothing spectacular or new about the much awaited team-up. Some of the jokes were too used up, the ones you’ve probably seen a couple of times in the old Tito Vic & Joey movies or in the Dolphy classics. Aside from that, some scenes showed bad editing and bad lighting. But we didn’t regret watching the film as some of the scenes were surprisingly funny and entertaining as Dolphy and Vic Sotto are no doubt two of the most brilliant comedians we have in the country right now and probably ever will have for a very long time. It's like Lebron and Michael Jordan teaming up; one from the old era while one from the new one but still legends themselves. Even if you give the two some of the worst scripts ever made, they still probably could pull it off.

Dolphy plays the role of Mac who is a chef and head security of a resort owned by his best friend. He and his wife owns their own business but he couldn’t stand how his wife was pushing him around that’s why he chose to work for someone else. The owner of the resort hires Arthur (Vic Sotto) to work closely with Mac and that’s where trouble begins. The two started off at the wrong foot and
from that point, they simply couldn’t stand each other. They both plan ways to make each other suffer but things started to get interesting when Arthur falls for Mac’s daughter.

We can say that two of the biggest comedians in the country were just too talented to be in this kind of film. They could have starred in a much better movie, with a better and more creative story. This probably could be their last movie together or maybe the Great Dolphy even and its too bad that the producers and writers didn’t go through much trouble just so they could give the
much awaited tandem of the country material that is worthy of their status.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:

- Dolphy and Vic Sotto in one movie! Double the laughter!

- This would probably be the last time they’ll star in a movie together

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- If you’re not fond of shallow jokes and shallow comedy, don’t spend your money on this one
- If you have such high expectations for dobol trobol, prepare yourself to be disappointed

Posted on 08/25/08 08:45PM
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