For the First Time: Movie Review

This is no doubt one of the most awaited local films this year as the daughter of the country’s megastar debuts in the big screen for the first time. It is also the first Filipino movie that showed scenes shot in Greece. We would say that a lot of people will probably get disappointed with this one. In all fairness, we can say that the movie is really not too bad, considering it is KC’s first movie. But we really didn’t like the shallow story and the scenes wherein we felt that KC was over-acting. We were also really irritated with the countless times the movie’s soundtrack (For the First Time, sang by no one else but KC herself) played throughout the movie. You’ll hear it playing more than five times – it could get really annoying.

Sophia, a workaholic who does nothing but to prove herself to her dad takes a rare vacation to Santorini, Greece where she meets Seth. She knows Seth back home as he is notorious for breaking the hearts of almost all of Sophia’s friends. She hated him at first but she falls in love with him as she gets to know him better. Things didn’t work out well for them in the end because of Seth’s fears and he follows Sophia to the Philippines after three months to try to win her back.

Apart from some of the "OA" scenes and the irritating soundtrack, we liked some very few dramatic scenes from the movie, particularly the touching scenes between Sophia and her dad. We also loved the beautiful scenes shot in Santorini, probably one of the few selling points of the film. But ultimately, we would not recommend this movie as there is really nothing to be excited about it; unless you are fans of the KC-Richard love-team. Just watch Mamma Mia! if what you want are shots of beautiful Greece. And another thing about the movie, this is probably the first Filipino film we’ve seen that has A LOT of kissing scenes. We don’t know if this would actually thrill the audience or make them gag from excessive the excessive PDA.

Rating : 2 reels

Why you should watch it:

- If you are dying to see KC on the big screen.

- If you dream of going to Greece (or maybe just watch Mamma Mia! or Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants).

Why you shouldn't watch it:

- Annoying soundtrack. I mean we get that the soundtrack is “For the First Time”, you don’t need to play it a million times!

- If you don’t like KC-Richard love team.

- If you are really expecting a lot from the movie.

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  1. pinipilit ako ng tita ko na samahan sya manood ng movie but i refused. i know a movie like this (over-hyped and all) would not bring anything good (story, acting, etc). napansin ko lang madalas ganon eh. hehe.

  2. There was another good scene. When Seth was so sorry to Sophia because he was hurting her in the process of looking for himself. Walang ganun na lalaki hahaha!

  3. KC + Richard G = waste of time and money