My Sassy Girl: Movie Review

My Sassy Girl, the Hollywood remake, starring Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert is not at all much different from the Korean version. We have to admit that they put out a good effort as the movie was actually cute and very, very different from the typical Hollywood romance comedy. It was entertaining, heartwarming and at times could even be moving. But take it from someone who’s seen the original and it blows off its on foot. The Hollywood version has nothing compared to the Korean made movie, so do watch the Korean one instead. The Hollywood version simply didn’t change a lot from the movie. It was like watching an inferior version with a Westernized cast and setting and most dreadful is having a less-appealing and more illogical story. We can say this movie didn’t do much justice to one of the most popular Korean movies of all time. Now it makes sense why this was made into a Direct-to-DVD release in the States.

The movie starts with Charlie narrating the story of the first and last time that he fell in love. It all started when he meets this girl, Jordan, that’s far from any typical girl you’ll ever meet in New York. She is actually the antithesis of Charlie's life; they are totally opposites in every sense of the word. She bosses Charlie around, enjoys his pain, makes him do extraordinary things, sabotages Charlie’s career,and simply makes every minute of her time with Charlie unpredictable. Despite all these things, he falls in love with her and would soon discover things about Jordan that may explain her not-so-ordinary behavior.

The movie was actually great for something that was made for a DVD release. The shots had a different feel to it, in a good way. We liked the quirky-yet-creative scenes in which flashbacks were narrated or Jordan's novels that Charlie read. Some shots though were badly transitioned. And some effects were overused and gets old after awhile. For those who watched the original, this one can give those a new feel to the story you’ve loved for years; do watch the Hollywood version but prepare yourself to be ultimately disappointed. For others who haven't watch the original, it will capture your hearts with its wits.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- a new look and feel to the wonderful story of the Korean hit.
- has a few shining moments that can move you.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- an inferior version to its brethren.

Posted on 8/10/08 8:16PM


  1. I love the original movie of "My Sassy girl". I always watched that over and over again. The story is very unique and love those two main characters. I guess this new version of My sassy girl (american version) it´s not that great. But still I want to see the movie.

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