Reel Advice Update

Hi Everyone,

Most of you have probably noticed that we have neglected our blog for the past week. We haven't really updated anything and we haven't done our job in promoting it. Hell, we even didn't have the chance to even visit it during the past week.

Well, this is in fact not our fault but our ISP. Our connection have been down for already since God knows when and it's not a pleasant experience. Even until now, our internet connection isn't fixed yet. So guys, hopefully you can understand our situation and we could just hope for the best. We are wishing, praying even that our internet connection will be fixed already. We promise to try to update this site as much as we can. We're updating it right now at our own offices.

So wish us luck and we promise to update all our backlog of movie reviews last week by Friday. So wait for it guys! Thanks for the support!

-Jed and Vit
Reel Advice Team

Posted on 8/20/08 9:55AM

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