Rogue: Movie Review

We admit that the first thing that came to our minds upon seeing the trailer is “Uh oh, it’s another anaconda-like movie”. There are already countless films with the similar theme: people getting eaten by larger than life animals and in the end, only few of the original characters will survive. And yet, we were taken by surprise by this film - we enjoyed this one even though there was nothing really original about it as we’ve seen a lot of films wherein animals, from reptiles to mammals target humans as their prey. It even stands out amongst the dozens of alligator and crocodile films because it was able to deliver in terms of providing excellent and gruesome suspense. Not only that but the movie was all in all, well made.

Kate is a tour guide in the Australian outback and movie starts off with her touring some tourists. Nothing special really happens until one of the tourists sees flares that made Kate decide to go and see if anyone needs help. That’s when they get attacked by a giant crocodile who is furious at them when they suddenly invaded its territory. They get stuck in an island in the middle of the river and now they are faced with troubles from the rising tide which will eventually swamp over the whole island and the crocodile lurking in the dark waters.

Overall, the movie will keep you at the edge of your seats. The effects were good, the crocodile looked realistic enough, and the scenes showcasing the Australian outback were beautiful. (Spoiler Alert) However, it’s like a typical Filipino movie wherein you thought the main character is dead but in the end, he/she miraculously lives and the movie ends with a happy ending. That may disappoint some audiences, not because they hate happy endings but then the movie suddenly becomes unrealistic because of this. It was believable 80percent of the time but the final 20 percent of it - BLECH! Despite this, the movie is worth watching because it provides a good dose of scare and suspense that some of the other monster movies are unable to give.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:

- It’s scary and exciting

- The actors were really good

Why you shouldn't watch it:

- If you hate unrealistic movies, you’ll hate this one

- If you’re too scared of crocodiles
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