Most of us take for granted the radio DJs we listen to in the radio. Who can really appreciate them when we only hear their godly voices or thunderous laughs but without faces to really represent them. But Talk To Me tries to show how the life of these audible sounds that come out through our speakers is not what it seems. So does Talk To Me make us turn up the volume to listen more or does it make you cringe and throwout that radio out the window?

Talk To Me is more or less an adaptation to the life and friendship between Petey Greene and Dewey Hughes. Dewey Hughes is managing a down-and-out radio station on the verge of collapse while Petey Greene is a convict playing DJ in the prison. One fateful day, both men meet in prison as Dewey was visiting his brother Milo and no one can predict that a life-long friendship and adventure will begin from this simple meeting.

What could we say about this film? Well, it's really, really spectacular in every way. Don Cheadle was really good on this film; he really captured the soul of Petey Greene and we were really moved by his performance. Nothing really beats it when you sync out of reality and really feel you are in the film. The actor playing Dewey Hughes was also really good even though he is quite an unknown figure in films. This film is on par with most inspirational films like The Pursuit of Happyness. You won't regret watching this film as it is really deep as in way, way deep. It starts off as a shallow negotiation between two people into a life-altering friendship. This is a must watch for adults.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- a deeper look into the lives of being a DJ.
- it was really effective in showing the problems within the U.S. during those times.
- it truly captures the struggles and hardships of all the main characters.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it might not be cool with the kids as it has a very mature theme.

Posted on 08/21/08 12:42PM
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