A Very Special Love: Movie Review

Watching this film is like breathing fresh air for us since its been a long time since we’ve watched a good local movie. Ever since Reel Advice started, we haven’t seen a local film that is worth recommending - not until now. What we liked about this film is that it was light, it makes you feel-good and really, really entertaining. We never expected this film to be this good and the pairing of John and Sarah was weird but the film proved our initial apprehensions wrong with great chemistry from both leads.

Laida (Sarah Geronimo) lands her dream job as she finds her self working for her longtime crush, Miguel Montenegro (John Lloyd-Cruz). Miguel, an illegitimate child, wants nothing else but to prove to himself and his extended family that he is worthy of the Montenegro moniker - the Montenegros being a powerful and very rich clan in the Philippines. He plans to achieve this by making the men's magazine Bachelor (of which he owns) number one in the country within three weeks. At the risk of losing his magazine and the respect of his clan, Miguel goes all out with his new hire Laida at the forefront.

For us, the whole set-up for "A Very Special Love" was really good. As we said before, we were doubting this film because we never really thought that Sarah could be a leading lady in a love team. Yet, amazingly we were proven wrong; this girl could really act and this is a big step for her career. Not only is she a sensational singer and a television star now but she has also turned into a magnificent film actress. The story itself was actually good. it wasn't perfect for sure but with all the romance films that Filipinos get to watch every year, this had a different feel to it. We recommend this not only for dates and not only for barkada sessions; even the whole family could watch this film. It wasn't heavy and yet it was still romantic. It was just right for us. It truly is a very special love.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:

- It’s fun, light, and heartwarming

Why you shouldn't watch it:

- If you’re the serious type that shallow scenes and simple love stories can’t please you



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