Wall-E: Movie Review

Aaaahh, the Disney-Pixar connection is probably one of the best partnerships ever made. It has produced a lot of films that could be truly called masterpieces. It all started with Toy Story and the wave of success hasn’t stopped yet. Wall-E has come to our shores at a later date and for the couple of months it has been shown outside of our country; it has gotten rave reviews and two thumbs up from everywhere and nothing could say “HYPE” more than this film. Could it take all the hype? Could it be considered one of the thoroughbreds of Pixar and Disney? Or would it be shot down by its success a few months back?

Wall-E’s plot starts off after hundreds of years from now. Earth has been deserted by humans and they have moved on to Space due to the garbage and pollution they have amassed. They were forced out since there was too much garbage that conditions on Earth have made life almost impossible to literally live on. The humans, before leaving, made robots that salvaged and fixed the garbage in the hopes that they can go back after five years to Earth; these robots are called WALL-Es. But everything doesn’t go to plan as Earth has no hope even with the help of these robots to heal itself that quickly. Human then evolve in space through the years while the WALL-Es continue fixing Earth. The plot thickens when we realize Wall-E is not an ordinary robot and that a new robot has come into town named Eve which has a directive to seek plant life on Earth.

All we could say is that this film met our demands and expectations but ultimately fails to grab us like what the other Pixar greats did before. There’s nothing wrong with Wall-E. The story was great, even moving at times. The troubles that this film tackles and lessons that could be learned is ultimately the greatest dilemma of our generation right now. And there is nothing wrong with its direction and scenes. Even the lack of dialogue and speech wasn’t such a hassle if you come to think about it. Who could expect robots that could talk and interact like humans anyway? This film did not need any dialogues between the characters to truly convey the emotions and feelings that it wanted to push towards the audience. Maybe this is the greatest feat for this film but it just lacks that X-Factor that could make it into a real gem. Maybe it was over-hyped or it could even be the very cheesy ending in our case. In the end, we recommend Wall-E for kids, adults and families. Just don’t expect too much from this little robot or else.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:

- Has a very good story and premise.

- Can teach the kids a lot about saving the environment.

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

- People might get turned off by the lack of dialogue.

- If you were too hyped-up.

- Has a cheesy ending.

Posted on 8/20/08 12:27PM

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