The X-Files: I Want to Believe: Movie Review

It’s been more or less a decade since the last episode of X-Files ran on television and honestly, we don’t remember a single thing about X-Files except maybe the names Mulder and Scully. It was a serious hit before; it was probably one of the contenders for the most known and even well-loved series during the Nineties. But hey, this is the new decade and a new one is just right around the corner so the serious dilemma right now is did it just shoot itself on the foot by being too late or will this define a shining moment for the series and even maybe expand its fan base to a new generation?

The X-files movie happens years after the series ended. The premise is that there is an FBI agent that is missing and presumed kidnapped or dead. The FBI itself has no idea where this agent is until an ex-communicated priest has visions about the missing agent. Agent Mulder and Scully will be taken out of retirement as they help in determining if this priest is faking it or just telling the plain truth about his visionary powers.

Moving on to the meat of this post, all we could say is ZZZ. It was just so slow and so boring. Nothing could alienate people from having a good time than this film. So what is the reason for its failure? No, it’s not a decade late definitely; it’s just trying to make an excuse for its failure as a film when this is going to be the reason. For us, even if this was shown during its peak, it would be still be really, really ugly. It’s not the question of “Why now?” but rather just WHY. Why did they even try to make a film that was mediocre in every sense; from the story (that we feel that even former episodes had better stories) or the very lame directing and delivery of lines or doses of suspense? When you made a bed scene between Mulder and Scully a horrifyingly boring experience of 5 minutes of non-stop blabber, you know you have just failed big-time. When you made the tagline and central theme of the movie part of its title, you’re just pushing it. The film just felt rushed; it just felt like watching a two-hour special episode at best. We just couldn’t get rid of the feeling that it might have tried to ride with the success of “The Sex and the City” film adaptation. In the end, we wanted to believe; but we just couldn’t.

Rating: .5 reels

Why you should watch it:

- Maybe you’re an X-Files uber fanatic at heart.

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- It’s just booooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.
- Just doesn’t have an exciting plot or story.
- The end just did not help the film at all.

Posted on 8/20/08 12:19PM
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